Design Feature

  • 15,000 tonne per hour capable
  • Interchangeable with existing roller frames
  • Single side access required only
  • Higher roller speeds
  • Higher load capacities than standard
  • Can be supplied in single shaft single drive unit configuration as well as dual shaft dual drive or even dual shaft triple drive configuration for ability to replace individual rollers independently of each other

Design Benefits

  • Calculated reliable life exceeds 20 years
  • Improved safety as unit is operated remotely
  • Reduced downtime due to failed duty rollers
  • Single shaft unit lighter than conventional assembly
  1. Ultra-low voltage
  2. Replace the failed rollers during planned shutdowns and return the unit to its standby mode
  3. Applies to both carry roller frames and return roller frames, in all confi gurations
  4. Designed to suit your conveyors
  5. Can be retro-fi tt ed to existing conveyors or can be supplied for new builds
  6. Provides simplicity of operation that no other conveyor belt system can replicate